Cross-Boundary Service

New Hong Kong Bus Company Limited (“NHKB”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Transport International Holdings Limited and managed by the SBH Group, jointly operates the cross-boundary bus service, commonly known as the “Huang Bus” service, with its Shenzhen counterpart, shuttling business and leisure travellers between Lok Ma Chau in Hong Kong and Huanggang in Shenzhen.

NHKB is running a fleet of 15 airconditioned super-low floor singledeck buses on its 24-hour crossboundary shuttle bus service between Lok Ma Chau and Huanggang. NHKB’s terminus at the San Tin Public Transport Interchanges is equipped with four comfortable air-conditioned waiting lounges and an integrated information display system. In 2015, five Euro V super-low floor single-deck buses were delivered and replaced the older buses.

By providing convenient and quality services, NHKB will continue to strive to make its shuttle bus service as one of the preferred modes of transport for cross-boundary travellers